New sewing corner and stash diet 2014

As hinted at in my last post, my stash is getting a bit out of hand. I had some time this week to sort it out and start getting a sewing area organised, so I’m mainly set up now, and also realized just how much stash I have. Yikes. Hence, the stash diet!

Back story to the tidying up: I’m making Andy a coat, handstitching was required, and I was looking for my beeswax to make sure the threads don’t get tangled. I know I had some, but couldn’t see it, and it wasn’t where it was meant to be (story of my life, har har). So, I started digging around my sewing boxes, and figured I might as well tidy them up while I was at it. I found a lot of boxes with a lot of fabric in it. It was somewhere between very motivating and very scary. And yes, I did find the beeswax eventually, but since I couldn’t find it in the flat, I tried to find some in shops while running errands. After I’d hunted for an hour around West London (no, Holland and Barrett does not sell it, nor does Boots, pharmacists, flower shops or shoe shops) I found some in the hardwear shop around the corner from our flat. The irony. And then, of course, as soon as I walked through the door, I found my other beeswax.

But I disgress. Here’s my new sewing space – ta daaaa!

New sewing corner.

New sewing corner.

I’m quite surprised that it fit so well. I don’t even mind that I’ll have to set up/tidy away every time now, since the sewing machine is so close to the table. Generally, it’s still not quite as tidy as I’d like it to be, and I really need to get rid of the shoe cartons. But hopefully I can fix that in the next two months. If you look at it from the doorway as above, you don’t notice, but walk around the table and you will find two large bins full of fabrics:

Fabric galore, oh, and look, my new thread rack!

Fabric galore, oh, and look, my new thread rack! My sewing machine has a plan of things to sew stuck to its cover so I don’t get  distracted when sewing stuff from the stash.

My aim of the stash diet is to get this down to two very comfortable bins. They have to close, and I’d love it to include the quilt of slowness (or for me to finish that). No, I don’t get to swap the blue bin for a bigger one. No impulse fabric purchases that jeopardise this aim until they fit into the bins. That’s rule number one. Rule number two: no new patterns until at least February, potentially and progress dependent even March. And then I only get to buy new patterns if I have a realistic chance of making it in the foreseeable future (next year does not count!). Only exception: I desperately need some loungewear, so I can make an exception for both fabric and pattern for that, if I must. Come March, come spring, I should have most of my big pieces of stash sewn up if it goes to plan, so I get to reconsider then. As long as I keep it to two bins.

Apart from that, you might have noticed I am now the proud owner of a thread rack thanks to my lovely sisters – it actually really helps my organisation of sewing stuff. I never realized I owned three bog spools of navy thread before… Bonus: I think it looks pretty, and it makes the corner a bit more sewing, and a bit less just another corner.

And lastly, one of the little boxes in sewing corner now houses these little cuties, which were a Christmas present from Andy:

Better get my hand sewing skills up to scratch...

Better get my hand sewing skills up to scratch…

Now I’m all organised and set to go, I guess I’d better start on some sewing and stash busting. And hey, we’re only a week into 2014, so it still feels vaguely as if I’m hitting the ground running. Yay!