Resources I used for my Minoru

This post is really just a way for me to put together the resources I used for my Minoru and the inspiration I had. This way, I can refer back to it in the future, and you can stalk some other amazing Minorus.

First of all, there’s the Minoru sewalong over at Sewaholic. It contains very detailed instructions with a ton of pictures for each step, and is like having somebody hold your hand while you’re sewing, which is awesome. Also, this is where I got the tutorial for the side seam pockets I made.

The idea with the extra front placket, I stole from MissJacksonDesigns here – I really liked her jacket, and her pictures at least gave me a starting point for figuring out how far the placket should come across.

A great deal of inspiration, I also got from simply image searching for ‘minoru jacket’ and then reading up on the amazing jackets I found. There’s some stunning examples out there!

Now it’s getting slightly warmer, I’m already considering whether I should make a second one, without interlining, for cooler/rainier summer days, which we’ll no doubt get. For that version, I would like to adapt it slightly so they don’t look too similar – I’m thinking a brighter/lighter colour, with a few changes. Both Mika and Andrea have recently made a slightly different version, with welt pockets and a different collar – their jackets have come out so beautifully that I want another one! And it would look different enough that maybe people wouldn’t spot immediately that it’s practically the same jacket. Maybe next year…