Hollyburn sewalong

Sewalong largeRachel is hosting a Hollyburn skirt sewalong (click on the sewalong picture to get to all of sewalong posts). It’s already started, and I’m just about on time – my pattern arrived on Monday! Having been a student for the last eight and a bit years, I’m only just beginning to work something akin to a normal working week, and since the beginning of this year, sewing during the week has become a bit of a challenge. Hence, I’m really glad for the sewalong – I’m hoping it’ll give me enough impetus to get myself to the sewing machine instead of onto the sofa!

I ummed and aahed for a long time about what kind of fabric to make the skirt from. I need it to be wearable for work (smart-casual). My wardrobe offered some inspiration: mainly in that the choice of pattern is good for me, because I wear those kinds of skirts a lot. Less inspirational for colour though: most of my worky skirts are either black or a shade of dark grey (put in a shades of grey joke here, if you wish). I wanted something a bit more fun to wear, plus when I went fabric shopping I stumbled across a Liberty wool I couldn’t get out of my head for days: It was soft and lovely and colourful, and draped really nicely. So I went back and bought it.

Liberty woll happinessThe guy in the shop (Classic Textiles, I think, on Goldhawk Road) said it was about 80% cotton and 20% wool, which probably explains why it washed so well. It’s £12/m, which is actually the most I’ve ever spent on fabrics I think. I toyed with the idea of making a Cambie out of it first, but I was too impatient – I wanted something made out of it now. It’ll be lined with navy  standard lining fabric (the acetate stuff). I’m not entirely sure yet what I should/could wear with it on my top half – maybe a soft grey colour? What do you think?

Either way, I’ll be making view B: kneelength, with cute button tabs, but will be omitting the pockets and have cut the front piece on the fold, to not have a seam in the front of the skirt. The pattern looked too nice to me to break up.

I was almost a bit late on the sewalong, but since Rachel and the others are sewing the pockets now, and I decided to skip them, I’m all good! Cutting it out was super easy.  There were only six pattern pieces for me to cut:  front, 2 backs, waistband and 2 button tabs. I love the fact that Tasia has printed the pattern in a way that each skirt length has it’s own pattern piece, so you don’t destroy the longer length if you decide to make the shorter length (makes sense, what with different flare of the different lengths, but still, I love it).

I’m almost impatient enough to race ahead with the sewing anyways, but I think I’ll have enough patience to wait for the sewalong: mainly to not kill myself during the week, and learn to sew in small increments rather than killer sessions, and see how the more relaxed sewing will fit in with everything. But also, because Rachel’s posts are superdetailed and I’m sure I’ll learn a ton to make my skirt look even better. This way, by February, I’ll have a supernice nice skirt to share (I hope)! Anybody else making a Hollyburn too? What colour tops would you recommend with this?