Me-Made-May ’15, and life vs. sewing

Does anyone else do this thing where, in their head, you’re about a month behind the actual calendar date? I was convinced April was going to last for another really long time, and then I checked the date, and somehow it was the first of May?? I swear part of it is the weather – not to be stereotypical, but on about 75% of the days, it’s kind of grey, cold-ish and, um, grey, so it really doesn’t help my seasonal confusion (sometimes I take a while to figure out where I am in relation to Christmas – just gone? coming up? just behind? – or summer vacations, as well). Please tell me it’s not just me?

The reason I’ve noticed this today is because Me-Made-May has started, and I haven’t pledged anything yet, until just now. Ahem.

This year, instead of forcing myself to up my game from last year in terms of numbers, I’m trying to use MMM to think more about what I wear, and what I want to wear. I know there’s items in my wardrobe I don’t wear, and I know there’s items I wish I had, or wear all the time. I just can’t quite keep track of it. So, this year, I’m going to use MMM as a life experiment to see what I actually wear. I’ll aim for one garment a day that I’ve made, but more importantly, I’m going to keep track of what I wear, how I feel about it, and what I wish I had. Here’s the pledge I put on Zoe’s blog:

I, Thea of Sewingland*, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endevavour to wear one me-made item a day throughout May, but I will also use Me-Made-May as a time to figure out how much me-made stuff I actually wear, and what the biggest gaps in my wardrobe are. I’ll keep track of what I wear**.

*I’m not sure how this happened, but apparently I’m now Thea of Sewingland. Promotion?

**I’m hoping for some pie charts at the end of this.

And the other reason I don’t want to up my numbers is because life keeps getting in the way of sewing. I’m not currently in a place to beat life, so I’ll have to live with less sewing time, and not all handmade things, until I can. Hopefully, that’ll be the end of May, but we’ll see! (We’re moving house, I’m changing jobs, but apart from that, you know, nothing major going on…).  And life is kind of crazy enough at the moment without limiting my wardrobe to a small amount, and also – I noticed last year – the shop boughts I have? I quite like them. I don’t like being limited in wearing them for a month!

So – have you signed up to MMM? And where are you in your mental calendar at the moment?


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