Last of the summer sewing: A Cambie

As I’m writing this, it is pretty cold outside (the heating’s on). But, three weeks ago, it was still really warm, and I got really cranky with myself that I hadn’t made myself a summer dress. I got cranky enough to actually make the Cambie, in one day: Make it Saturday, wear it Sunday.

It’s actually also another first for me – my first transformed bedsheet! (For bedsheet transformation inspiration, see Cation Designs). I bought the ‘fabric’ as a bedsheet for I think 4 pounds in Oxfam, Hammersmith. I’m pretty sure it’s cotton, and I just really liked the print – in particular the fact it had a boundary with a slightly different print, which I totally wanted for the hem.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Cambie dress!

Cambie dress! And er, yes, while I made it while it was warm, the pictures were taken when it was raining and cold. No chance of going outside.

I made a straight size 8, with an extra half-inch lengthening the upper body. It’s a touch too big in the bust, so I think the next one will be slightly smaller (as Ela pointed out to me, maybe I should have gone with my upper bust size. oh well!). Time for the most cushiony bra I own… Apart from this, I really love the dress, and the way it falls.

The fabric only threw up one problem – the grainline had pulled out of shape a bit, and some bits stretched out. You can see in this shot that I had to ease the fabric into the zip, and it’s a little crinkly.

Wrinkly zipper, lovely dress

Wrinkly zipper, lovely dress

But, as I said, I still love it to bits – it was great fun to make, and I loved the construction; now I love the little details like the sleeves. It is also, I think my neatest invisible zip today, especially the top corners. And the waistband matches up. Yay! Beyond this, it makes me feel very girly and effortlessly well-dressed, so I’ll definitely want more of these. For now, though, I’ve definitely moved on to autumn sewing here.

As the dress was sewn late in the summer, and I already had half an eye on autumn, I interlined the skirt lining with silk-cotton so I can make it transition into autumn. Now the only challenge is to get myself a cardigan/jumper I can wear with this dress – all mine end just above my hips, which is way too long for this. So I have my eyes on the Miette cardigan – especially after Rachel inspired me at the London meet-up, and let me try hers on for size (just perfect). Watch this space!

The way the dress makes me feel. Definitely a good thing!

The way the dress makes me feel. Definitely a good thing!