It is done! The amazing transformation of a dress

Readers, I am pleased to announce that the silk dress and I both survived the transformation of the former. I took some pictures during the work in progress to share with you soon – I’m going to be offline for a few days two weeks, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that technical stuff (not that you’ll notice with my blogging infrequency), but I wanted to share the fact it worked (I think my Mum also wants a progress update – hallo Mama!), which I’m pretty pleased about (I am also massively tired, so not too excited at this stage, just glad I got it all done).

It was quite a fun experience – I feel like I got to apply the skills I learnt in the last year in a totally different context by having to ponder myself what the most suitable technique would be. Sometimes this was a bit frustrating – I had no idea that sewing a lining into a sleeveless dress was a bit of a headache and 3D-puzzle – but overall, a good experience.

So, what happened to the dress? I started by taking off the sleeve, after which I dared take a photo. I intentionally picked a less-than-flattering photo of me, so you won’t miss me too much while I’m gone:

Yeah, sorry, no great light in here - I think it was during the Wimbledon men's final, and getting any picture done was an achievement!

Yeah, sorry, no great light in here – I think it was during the Wimbledon men’s final, and getting any picture done was an achievement!

As you can see, the waist sits too high, and it’s very loose. After chopping off the arms (carefully), I then used them for a waistband (more on that in my next post) after interfacing them; I also took in about 4cm in total at the sides of the bodice. I lowered the armscyes to be more comfy, then did all those changes to the lining too, and fudged them together. There was a bit of swearing, quite a lot more ripping out than there should have been with a silk dress, a few extra darts where there were none before, and the surprise element of me sewing the armholes shut (honestly, I had no idea that that’s not what you do to line a sleeveless dress, and that you can’t then turn the dress inside out anymore! I’m still a bit puzzled). But, hey, look:

Ta-daa! And yes, that is a bathroom carpet drying in the background. Woops.

Ta-daa! And yes, that is a bathroom carpet drying in the background. Woops.

Overall, a success I think! I even had suitable shoes in my selection. Boom! As I said, I’m planning to wear this to a wedding (if it survives the trip. I’m a little worried…) so hopefully when I get back, I’ll have some nicer pictures in daylight and without bathroom carpets in the background.

And on a last note, since I’m going to be offline, it also means I can’t approve comments or reply to them – so, if you haven’t posted here before, then it will probably get stuck in wordpress for a while, and will appear in due course. And if you leave a comment and I don’t reply, it is also not me ignoring you – I’ll get back to you, eventually.

Oh, and you’re wondering what I’ll do next, now I don’t have the dress to worry about? I’m planning to make trousers. Scary! It’s these ones, and I’ve already picked a fabric for it, too.


Happy sewing to you all while I’m away!



9 thoughts on “It is done! The amazing transformation of a dress

  1. Great job on that dress, it looks so elegant now. Not bad, a beautiful, elegant silk dress for £4 – and some people still wonder why we sew!

  2. Looks lovely (though that shade of blue is gorgeous whatever the project). Have a great time away from the blog, though I’ve put you up for a Liebster, so there’ll be stuff for you to do when you get back 😉

    • Thank you! Very true on the colour – it’s very flattering. I’ll get onto the Liebster as soon as I’ve told you all about my recent sewing…(thanks for nominating me already though!)

  3. That’s indeed an amazing transformation! Well done in persisting and getting such a lovely result! I tried to refashion a men’s shirt before and struggled a lot with the armholes. And yours look just perfect! (I think I have the same bathroom carpet, same color. Is it from IKEA?) 🙂

    • Thank you! Ha, yes, the armholes are weird, I agree. The French curve from the meetup was an absolute life saver! And yes, the bathroom carpet is IKEA. Clearly, we both have great taste.

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