Sewing and the PhD

So, last week I got some good news. The PhD I had slaved away at for four years? I passed my viva in January, but I got a few minor changes to complete (very normal stuff – they usually ask you to add a few bits, amend a few things, etc., to make the whole thing even better, haha). Last week, I found out that my changes had been accepted. Woop! They had seriously been getting between me and sewing, and I was not impressed.

But, it has to be said: I don’t think I would be as much into sewing today without the PhD. Sewing blogs have a strong appeal on their own, but when your stuck at your PC all day, every day, by yourself? Then they’re a magical otherworld which promises fun and learning and pretty colours and nice people who don’t tell you to rewrite a chapter. So I would bribe myself: Go on… if you can work well for an hour, then you can read this new post. If you proof-read this chapter, you get to have a look at this blog. I would sew in breaks, or while listening and re-listening to the interviews I had conducted. I madly completed a dress and a jacket for a friend’s wedding while in the last throes of the PhD (they turned out lovely, but the jacket too big, it’s now with my mum). In short, sewing and sewing blogs kept me sane while doing my PhD.

In the last couple of weeks, I haven’t had much time for sewing which made me sad – but I did manage to do a few things: I re-hemmed and re-necklined my first proper make, a pendrell blouse. After reading blogs for a year, I finally took the plunge and started sewing again. Pictures to follow 🙂 It felt very suitable as it had been my first make during the PhD about a year ago, and now I finished it during the very last changes. I managed to go to my first blogger meet-up, which was a ton of fun, I made my sister a bag and myself a kindle cover (pictures to follow, too!), and I’ve been hording fabrics like mad. I now have stash. And the best news? Hey, the PhD is over! I finally have time to dig into it all, and start sewing. Some patterns are layed out already.

Oh, and the other good news? I get to graduate in summer. We need to wear ‘academic dress’ which is supposed to be has to be black (booooring!). So, I get to make myself a nice black dress/outfit. Yay again! I have two months for it. Stay tuned, since now that the PhD is done, I will actually have time to post about things I’ve made, and make things to post about.

So, thank you, sewing and sewing bloggers all over, for my sanity, in the last years. Here’s to many more sane years.


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